How do you review whiskies that aren’t being produced or sold anymore?

In our research on Rosebank Single Malt we have come across many different bottlings of this revered Lowland Whisky. The range is quite remarkable, from 8 to 25 years old, and, way before its time, even a no age statement whisky. So we thought let’s write whisky reviews of them all. That will be fun, interesting and a true excitement and education for our taste buds! Alas, our Finance Director was less excited about this idea, given the auction prices have been creeping up to hundreds of Pounds, Dollars, Euros or whichever is your relevant currency, PER BOTTLE!! And you would be hard pushed to find a Rosebank bottling in a regular whisky shop these days. So perhaps we could go to bars and drink a dram of each? No, the travel bill would probably exceed the auction bill, as so few places offer Rosebank on their drinks menu now. It’s just so rare.

So how else can we understand what all those whiskies are about?

The answer was of course very simple – use the reviews that our dear whisky writers have already crafted so beautifully. We were, however, very limited in who else had had the fortune to try Rosebank, the King of the Lowlands. Once you get past all the auction sites, which have mushroomed in number in recent years, you find the whisky writers’ work, their passion and our window to whiskies we don’t have access to. We now have a much better picture of what Rosebank whisky is like, perceived to be like by different connoisseurs and, most of all, how much love there is for it out there. We definitely are making many people happy with opening the distillery again.

Rosebank Whisky Reviews

So over the next few weeks we will share some reviews from a variety of sources – whisky menus, whisky books, whisky blogs and our own whisky maker. In return we would be delighted to hear your thoughts on your favourite Rosebank whiskies. Any writers out there, please share your articles! We love reading about your experiences.

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