“If there is a God, Rosebank whisky would be produced again.”

Today these words sound almost prophetic coming from the famous whisky writer Michael Jackson who died in 2007. Back then, the odds of the distillery reopening seemed about a million to one and they’d been fading every year since it closed in 1993. Never doubting that Rosebank was ‘one of the greats’ among single malts, he would have been thrilled to hear of its rebirth. The announcement was made in October by new owners Ian Macleod Distillers, and all being well Michael Jackson will soon be able to sniff the fumes of new-make spirit wafting their way heavenwards.

Welcome to what will be a regular, monthly blog on all things Rosebank from its roots on the edge of Falkirk to how it became the ‘King of Lowland whiskies’. Before long we will be able share all the latest news on the rebuilding of the distillery as it happens, and we can tell you about impending releases of old Rosebank stocks that were inherited by Ian Macleod. As for the new Rosebank whisky, we will just have to be patient. The first release is many moons away, but the great news for now is that this very special distillery has been rescued.

Before we get going setting the scene and exploring the origins of Rosebank and how it survived and why it very nearly became extinct, here is a brief request. Please share any stories you may have of the distillery and its whiskies – we would love to hear from you and appreciate any addition to our journey.

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